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OldSquad Inception Server Info

Season: 6 Episode OldSquad.
Exp: Dynamic 15-25x.
Drop: 35%.
Gameplay: Maximum 30 Resets.
Max Master Level: 200.
Party Exp System: Solo = 100%, 2 Players = 96%, 3 Players = 92%, 4 Players = 104%, 5 Players = 110%, Perfect Party = +4% Exp.
Guild System: 2 Guilds in Alliances (Only Main Guild can join CS) - Max 20 players in a guild for normal classes and max 25 players in guild for DL-GM.
Elf Soldier Buff: Max Level 250 & 1 reset (or boosted with VIP).
Level for DL,MG,RF: 200 (or 1 with VIP).
WebShop/CashShop/VIP-Server: OFF.
OFF-Attack: Active for everyone (5 hours - no auto-pick) - Can be improved with VIP.

Full Info about Server: HERE
Special / HOT Features that you should KNOW: HERE
Info about CREDITS:

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