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  • Phoenix

Every 8 hours (00:45, 08:45, 16:45) the reality shatters and timelines gets mixed up, which causes 3 clones of Saruman and his troops to spawn across the lost continent of Lemuria. There is a pretty damn juicy bounty on their heads, which is 3 random jewels (bless/soul) + 25% chance to get 1 Old Box (accorded to stages) between 3 jewels.

Basically this means that there is a chance to get 9 (!!!) free jewels each day, only by slaying some wizards! Sounds pretty simple, eh?

The wizards can be found in Lorencia, Noria & Davias every time, but the tricky part is that the alien-space-goblin crafted time machine only almost works as it was supposed to, and the wizard's landing location coordinates varies from time to time. Oh, and there are probably few other gem-thirsty bounty hunters after their heads, so you should be fast and/or cleaver in case you want to claim the rewards!

Here are few locations where these beardless whitebeards has been spotted quite often, so instead of rationally searching all over the maps, I'd suggest you to check some of these locations first!



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